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The best time to plant a tree

The Second Best Time Is Now

It’s May already and it can be all too easy to beat ourselves up for the goals we haven’t achieved so far this year. Maybe the exercise program that is noticeable by it’s absence. Or the unhealthy snack choices that seem to be a regular occurrence and the green smoothies that aren’t. From there it’s […]

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The ‘Fast Diet’ Book Review

The Fast Diet.  It sounds like a fad, doesn’t it? In fact, it is anything but. I was initially sceptical when I first picked the book up, but was absolutely blown away by the evidence. Written by Dr Michael Mosley and food and fashion writer Mimi Spencer, the tagline of the book is ‘The simple […]

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Technology & Your Health: The Good, The Bad & The Amazing

Technology is so much a part of our lives that it’s only in hindsight that we realise how far we’ve progressed.  A little like those who once believed that the earth was flat, we had no reason to doubt the assurances of the local computer geek that hell would freeze over before we’d ever go […]

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Are You Trigger Happy?

Are You Trigger Happy?

Pssst.  Wanna know how I nailed not one but three new habits? I now meditate, journal & floss daily after years of repeatedly trying and failing. I know.  I sound like I’m bragging, don’t I?  Well … maybe a little.  But I wanted to share what I’ve learned in the process with you. It all […]

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Baby steps

Baring All: Why My Shocking Admissions Could Be The Best Thing You’ve Heard All Year

Most people think a health coach fits into one of two camps. Either she’s descended from the heavens, an impossibly perfect creature who wouldn’t know temptation if it bit her on the ass and who couldn’t possibly understand or relate to the mere mortals who come to see her quaking in their boots, having steeled […]

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The Weight Escape Book Review

The ‘Weight Escape’ Book Review

Having previously had the privilege of attending a Weight Escape workshop, I was eagerly awaiting the release of The Weight Escape book and in January, finally the wait was over.  Co-authored by Dr Russ Harris, Professor Joseph Ciarrochi and Senior Clinical Psychologist Ann Bailey, the book is a must have addition to any bookshelf. Before […]

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How To Avoid Being Hit In the Head With A Brick Or Run Over By A Truck: What You Can Learn From My Story

There is a wonderful story that when we’ve wandered off course, the Universe will send us signals that if we heed them will gently steer us back on track.  And all is right with the world. The first of these signs is like the tickle of a feather.   Perhaps a gut feeling.  Maybe snippets of […]

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Fast Exercise Book Review

‘Fast Exercise’ Book Review

Two of the biggest barriers when it comes to establishing a regular exercise habit are not having enough time and hating to exercise.  Fast Exercise, the new book just released by Dr Michael Mosley and Peta Bee blows both of those out of the water! Although I’ve made exercise a part of my life now, […]

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Put Yourself First

Why Putting Others First Is B S

Ok, I’ll admit it. I’m a sucker for a motivational quote. I have them everywhere – in my phone, on my computer, adorning the walls of my home, on my desk. They are my inspiration. I keep telling myself that minimalism is a virtue but just can’t seem to embrace the concept when it comes […]

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2013: What You Can Learn From My Year In Review

Perhaps I’m an optimist but with each new day, I feel excited – a bit like a kid at the start of the school year with those brand new exercise books, just waiting to be written on.  There was nothing quite like the feeling of seeing those blank pages waiting just for me. Yes, New […]

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