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Easily dissolve limiting beliefs

Easily Dissolve Limiting Beliefs That Are Stopping You Losing Weight & Getting Healthier

When I googled the definition of belief, I found “something one accepts as true or real; a firmly held opinion or conviction” Whether you want to release some weight, clean up your diet or get fitter and healthier,  you’ll often come up against beliefs that are stopping you from achieving your goals. In the video […]

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8 Ways Your Efforts To Get Healthy Might Be Sabotaged & What To Do About It

Big food giants In a perfect world, food manufacturers would be actively collaborating with us to eat healthier and have our best interests at heart at all times. Claims on food packaging would be ‘swear on a stack of bibles’ honest & any processing of foods would be aimed solely at optimising our health & […]

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Book review: Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves

Book Review – Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves

  Today I will be doing a book review on a fabulous book by Amy Ahlers – Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves. In my work as a health and wellness coach I help women create awesome health in their life while loving themselves along their way, so I am super passionate about self-love and self-care. […]

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