It was so lovely to touch base with you at the workshop on Sunday.

I’m passionate about health & helping others create healthy habits in their lives & could talk all day about it to anyone who will listen!

And because I’m definitely not perfect, you’ll also learn from my mistakes as well!

The handouts below will help you put what you learned into action. If you right click on the link you can then save them to your computer.

You’ll also get an email with these links in it as well to make sure you’re able to access the information.

Click here to download the Goal-setting sheet

Click here to download the sample Goal-setting sheet I’ve filled in already

Click here to download the habit change diary

Click here to download the food & exercise diary sheets

As I mentioned on Sunday, I’ve also included a video ‘Are you making these mistakes with your health & fitness goals?’

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Take care & wishing you the best of all there is

Claire XX


Claire Kerslake