5 Questions To Add More Love, Laughter And Joy To Your Life

Question markFollowing on from my last post, 4 Questions That Will Change Your Life, I’m bringing you 5 more questions that will make a HUGE difference to your life, if you ask them.

I know I’m guilty at times of taking this beautiful, precious life for granted and my self care can sometimes fly out the window.  It’s often not until we receive a bit of a whack behind the ears from the Universe that we realise that life doesn’t go on forever.

Whether it is the untimely death of a friend or acquaintance, a diagnosis such as type 2 diabetes,  or maybe a ‘special birthday’ (you know the ones that usually end in a zero) when we think for just a moment that we need to make some changes.

I’m inviting you to take a few moments to ask yourself the following questions.  After all, who couldn’t use more love, laughter and joy in their lives?


What am I grateful for today?

There is a ton of research now on the link between being grateful and happiness.  And it makes sense, really, doesn’t it?  It brings the focus squarely onto the blessings in our lives.

In one study by Emmons & McCullough (2003), participants who kept a gratitude journal exercised regularly, felt better about their lives and were more likely to have made progress towards their goals.


If you don’t want to start an actual gratitude journal, at least consciously think of things to be grateful for each day.  There are some great Apps available now, too, that make this fun.


How can I love myself today?

Massages are an example of self care

I think this is a biggie for everyone.  I know I’m often guilty of letting the self-care slide in my desire to cross more things off the to do list.  I need to constantly remind myself to step away and recharge.

I need to remind myself that sleep is not a waste of time, it is actually vital!  However, I’ve become better at scheduling regular massages and I am pretty vigilant at watching my self talk.

This is a super-important question if you’re wanting to lose weight or improve your health.  It can be a mindset as much as anything.  The thought that ‘I’ll love myself when I weigh X’ or fit into a certain size in clothing.


Love yourself now.

You are AMAZING!  Make it a habit to think loving thoughts about yourself.  Be kind to you.  And if you struggle to love your body, pick one body part and shower it with love, to start with.

As an example, I have the body type where I store extra weight around my thighs.  As I grew up, this message was often repeated and I used to hate my ‘fat legs’.  Now, I can be grateful that my legs are strong and carry me from A to B beautifully.

I write more about the importance of self love in my post Be Kind To You.

What makes my heart sing?



Maybe you’re so caught up in life that you don’t know anymore.

This question is all about joy.

I remember a time in my life when I was working in a job that wasn’t a great fit for me and joy seemed like it was a million miles away.

But even then it was only a choice or two away, really.

I’m fortunate now to be able to do what I love almost on a daily basis.

Yet I know my life would be enriched if this was a question that I asked myself more often.

It’s easy, really.  Find out what makes you come alive and do more of it.

If you don’t know, try some journalling. Experiment.

Create magical moments in your life.

You deserve it!


How can I have fun today?

This question is inspired by my friend, Elizabeth, when she talked about the importance of having fun the other day.

I realized that fun was sadly lacking in my life.

And I’m not alone.

As kids, life is all about having fun but we seem to forget all about fun as we grow up.

I know I need to lighten up.  Laugh.  Be silly.

How about you?

I’d love your ideas about how you inject some fun into your life!


What do I really need?

This is the question to end all questions!  I know I need to ask this more often.

Maybe you’ve forgotten what it’s like to have your needs met.

Sometimes we try meeting our needs with food, thinking or hoping that we can feel better just for a while.

Which works for about 5 minutes and then we feel worse.

This one needs practice because all too often we put ourselves last.  Or don’t think we deserve to feel good.

Meditation and being more mindful help me to reconnect more fully and recognise what I need.  It doesn’t have to be something big.  Sometimes it is a sit down and a cuppa.  Sometimes it is an early night.  Or a sleep in.

Ask this question more regularly and then follow through.  It’ll transform your life!



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