Claire Kerslake

As a chocolate and Coca Cola loving diabetes educator I used to wonder how on earth I could know what to do to be healthy but find it almost impossible to put it into practice.

My Coca Cola addiction and chocolate cravings were a guilty, shameful little secret I carried around with me as I desperately searched for the answer. All the while beating myself up continually and wondering secretly whether the struggle would EVER end.

I was advising clients what to do during the day to follow a healthy eating plan but felt totally out of control around my go to comfort foods myself!

Discovering EFT (sometimes referred to as Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping) was life changing for me even though it initially felt weird and ‘out there’. When I discovered that the results I was seeing with EFT were underpinned by an extensive and growing evidence base, it felt like the solution I’d been praying for.

I watched in amazement as I became one of ‘those’ people who could take just one square of chocolate without wanting to inhale the whole block!

These days I love helping women like you who find their health and weight loss goals are continually being sabotaged by comfort eating or emotional eating, despite their very best intentions. I know how frustrating it can feel, and it lights me up to see how easily and effortlessly EFT creates real change and the struggle around food simply falls away.

I adore being in the online space where advances in technology mean that it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you can access support and life-changing tools to help you feel in control around food again. If you have an Internet connection you’re good to go and can choose the level of support that’s right for you, whether it’s accessing the articles on the blog for free, participating in a webinar or working one-on-one with me via Zoom.

A little bit more about me

On a more personal note, I grew up in country South Australia and my twin sister and I lived and breathed horses growing up. I adore my family and am married to my teenage sweetheart. Our household is ruled by a furry feline named Flossie who adopted us a few years ago and turned us into her willing slaves (quite a miracle when you consider we had no intention of ever owning a cat!). My hubby and I live in Darwin and enjoy experiencing the delights of Australia’s Top End including the amazing cycling tracks and tropical storms.

The formal bio

I’m a health and wellness coach, registered nurse and credentialled diabetes educator with a post graduate degree in Diabetes Education & Management from the University of Technology in Sydney.  I feel incredibly fortunate to be using EFT to help women feel in control around food again. You can read my articles here on the blog and I’ve also been featured in places such as Pick the Brain The Change Blog, Change Your Thoughts, My Juice Cleanse, Cafe Truth and She Takes On The World.  

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And when I’m not helping women transform their relationship with food with EFT, you can find me connecting to my inner zen with a beautiful meditation or journalling with a gorgeous fountain pen my hubby has created for me.

How we can work together

If you’re ready to end emotional eating, you can check out my coaching page here.   And if you have any questions at all, simply contact me here.