Easily dissolve limiting beliefs

Easily Dissolve Limiting Beliefs That Are Stopping You Losing Weight & Getting Healthier

When I googled the definition of belief, I found “something one accepts as true or real; a firmly held opinion or conviction” Whether you want to release some weight, clean up your diet or get fitter and healthier,  you’ll often come up against beliefs that are stopping you from achieving your goals. In the video […]

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8 Ways Your Efforts To Get Healthy Might Be Sabotaged & What To Do About It

Big food giants In a perfect world, food manufacturers would be actively collaborating with us to eat healthier and have our best interests at heart at all times. Claims on food packaging would be ‘swear on a stack of bibles’ honest & any processing of foods would be aimed solely at optimising our health & […]

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Book Review Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin

Book Review – Better Than Before

Today I’m reviewing Gretchen Rubin’s latest book Better Than Before, Mastering the habits of everyday lives, which is fantastic. I really enjoyed this book! Gretchen writes about habits and happiness and her books have sold over 2 million copies. I guess I share Gretchen’s passion for habits, which started for me because I was so […]

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How To Conquer Cravings

  If you’ve ever been at the mercy of a craving, you know how powerless it feels. Good intentions vaporise and resistance is futile. It’s as if some evil superpower has you spellbound. Afterwards the rush of pleasure from your guilty indulgence melts away quicker than a bowl of ice cream in the hot summer […]

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Is losing weight too hard?

What To Do If You Feel Like Getting Healthy Or Losing Weight Is Too Hard

You want to get healthy.  Really you do.  At least that’s what you tell yourself. But deep down you’re resisting. It just feels So. Damn. Hard. And it’s not like you haven’t tried.  Lots of times. Sometimes it even feels like you’ve tried everything.  But nothing’s worked. The problem is that we’ve somehow got it […]

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manifesto image

A Manifesto For You

I’ve got a freebie for you!   I’ve been wanting to create a manifesto for a while now.  Sort of like a beautiful image of all that I stand for and what I believe is really important when it comes to being healthy and living a gorgeous life where we love our bodies and our […]

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