Can Our Thoughts Sabotage Our Health Goals?

How do you need to think to create awesome health

Today I want to talk about how do we need to think to create that awesome health in our lives. Let’s look at that now.

Sometimes our thoughts can come up as real barriers to us creating those healthy habits in our lives, and it can happen in a number of ways.

1. Thinking negatively and putting ourselves down.

Not only does this type of thinking feel terrible, it lowers our motivation, lowers our willpower and is likely to send us straight to our favourite comfort food!

2. The ‘What the hell effect’.

So what is the ‘what the hell effect’?

Generally most of us have got a basic understanding of the amount of food and calories we consume in a day. When we go outside of that, for instance Sally has brought in a beautiful chocolate cake for morning tea and we’ve indulged, we tend to think ‘What the hell, I may as well have another slice!’

What we know is that it’s often not the initial slice of chocolate cake that does the damage – it’s all we have to eat after that when we we’re thinking these types of thoughts.

3. All or nothing thinking.

An example of this is the thought ‘I‘m going to follow these healthy habits for X amount of time and if it doesn’t work or if I haven’t reached my goal by then, I’m going to go back to my old unhealthy ways’.

Really that’s not helpful either. We need to be thinking much more long term.

So how do we counter act these barriers?

The first thing is to build awareness around our thoughts.

Often we are fused to our thoughts, which means we’re not really aware that we’re even thinking.

When we bring that gentle loving awareness to our thoughts, we start to experience patterns and where we might not be helping ourselves with our thoughts.

Then we need to reframe.

One of my mentors, Denise Duffield Thomas has a little elastic band on her wrist and when she finds herself thinking something that doesn’t serve her, she gives it a bit of a twang as a not so gentle reminder to reframe her thoughts.

I’ve written out some possible reframes that you can use if you’re finding that some of these ways of thinking are coming up as barriers for you.

Instead of thinking ‘It’s no use I’ve always been big’, we might reframe that to ‘I’m getting healthier by creating new habits in my life’.

We might reframe a thought that ‘This is too hard’ (and let’s be honest who hasn’t thought that sometimes), to ‘All change feels uncomfortable – this is normal and it’s going to get easier’.

‘I deserve this’ – this was a big one for me! I had a stressful job and this thinking would often by followed by the chocolate and coke that I had every afternoon. A lovely reframe for this sort of thinking is ‘how could I nurture myself today?’ and then finding a nonfood related reward.

The ‘What the hell effect’ – instead of thinking ‘I may as well have the chocolate too or another slice of cake’, we could try ‘I’ve slipped up but that’s okay, now I’m back on track’.

Your thoughts can support or sabotage your health goals.

Become aware of them and reframe them if necessary into thoughts that support you to create that awesome health you dream of.

If this is something that you struggle with, I can help. You can book a session with me here.


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