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Baby steps

Baring All: Why My Shocking Admissions Could Be The Best Thing You’ve Heard All Year

Most people think a health coach fits into one of two camps. Either she’s descended from the heavens, an impossibly perfect creature who wouldn’t know temptation if it bit her on the ass and who couldn’t possibly understand or relate to the mere mortals who come to see her quaking in their boots, having steeled […]

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Fast Exercise Book Review

‘Fast Exercise’ Book Review

Two of the biggest barriers when it comes to establishing a regular exercise habit are not having enough time and hating to exercise.  Fast Exercise, the new book just released by Dr Michael Mosley and Peta Bee blows both of those out of the water! Although I’ve made exercise a part of my life now, […]

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Prolonged sitting can reduce your life expectancy

Prolonged Sitting And Your Health

You’re feeling a little smug. You’ve actually started to exercise regularly. While you may not quite love it yet, you can now be counted among the minority of people who exercise regularly. You’re increasing your life expectancy and reducing your risk of a range of conditions you can hardly pronounce. However your rosy little world […]

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