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Sponge cake

How to Take Charge of Your Thoughts And Change Your Life

You’ve just finished a piece of the beautiful sponge cake brought in to the office to celebrate someone’s birthday. Damn.  You were meant to start making healthier snack choices today. ‘Oh well.  I’ve blown it now.  I may as well have another piece and start again tomorrow’. Sound familiar? There is a better way. It’s […]

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Meditation - An Indepth Guide

Enrich your Life and Change Your Thinking: 6 Must Read Books

“A capacity and taste for reading gives access to whatever has already been discovered by others.”  Abraham Lincoln In the spirit of this wonderful advice, I’d like to round out 2011 by bringing you a selection of the books that have altered my thinking and enriched my life. If Not Dieting, Then What?  by Dr […]

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