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4 Ways Mindfulness & a little Mindlessness can boost your health

4 Ways Mindfulness And A Little Mindlessness Can Boost Your Health

As a mindfulness meditation teacher and health coach, it’s been a joy to witness the transformation in the participants attending the mindfulness meditation programs I run locally. Becoming more mindful during the day in addition to a regular meditation practice is a beautiful antidote to the overwhelm and chronic stress that is an all too […]

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How To Avoid Being Hit In the Head With A Brick Or Run Over By A Truck: What You Can Learn From My Story

There is a wonderful story that when we’ve wandered off course, the Universe will send us signals that if we heed them will gently steer us back on track.  And all is right with the world. The first of these signs is like the tickle of a feather.   Perhaps a gut feeling.  Maybe snippets of […]

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Nurturing yourself

Be Kind to You

Recently I was inspired by a post by Renee Heigel of Love Yourself Naked who discusses the importance of self love and care. I often see female clients in a caregiving role who have put themselves last to the point that they have developed diabetes and high blood pressure and yet still struggle to make […]

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