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A Manifesto For You

I’ve got a freebie for you!   I’ve been wanting to create a manifesto for a while now.  Sort of like a beautiful image of all that I stand for and what I believe is really important when it comes to being healthy and living a gorgeous life where we love our bodies and our […]

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Feeling Stuck? 3 Quick Questions That Will Move You Forward Fast

It’s the question I always dreaded. ‘Have you been flossing?’ It’s the reason I hadn’t made that rather overdue dental appointment. I couldn’t make it until I’d started flossing again.  As in my usual two weeks before the dental appointment attempt to start a regular flossing habit. I couldn’t start flossing until I’d checked out […]

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Tony Robbins

Motivation, inspiration and you

I couldn’t help myself!  Not only do I love a great motivational quote, I’ve discovered that I love having a play and creating an image to make them look pretty. Here are a few more to make your day. This is a biggie for me – Madam Perfectionist!  It’s only been in recent times that […]

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George Eliot

Quotes to Inspire Action, Change & Growth

Okay, I admit it.  I’m a sucker for an inspirational quote. Here are 5 of my favourites:   It all starts with motivation.  If your motivation isn’t high, then all the strategies in the world won’t help you.  And as Zig so wisely puts it, you need to touch base with it every day.  It […]

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From My Heart To Yours

It was the phone call we all dread. Our lives shattered forever, like shards of broken glass. The reality seeps into our pores even as we try to deny it.  Maybe if we deny it hard enough somehow it might not be true. But it was true.  A fatal heart attack at 62 and my […]

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