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Nurturing yourself

Be Kind to You

Recently I was inspired by a post by Renee Heigel of Love Yourself Naked who discusses the importance of self love and care. I often see female clients in a caregiving role who have put themselves last to the point that they have developed diabetes and high blood pressure and yet still struggle to make […]

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Staying motivated is important to maintain regular exercise

Staying motivated

We’ve all got motivated, started to make some healthy changes and then sometime down the track, often in less than 6 months, we have slipped back to our old ways.  What happened? In this post, I talk about staying motivated.  We build on the skills and strategies you have learned and used in getting motivated. […]

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Make exercise fun!

While most of us know that exercise is good for us, too often it is something we’ll get to Monday or next week or ‘one day’. The benefits of exercise are amazing and include lowering our risk of heart attack and stroke, strengthening our bones, lifting our mood, lowering our cholesterol levels and reducing our risk […]

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