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Tai Chi is your secret weapon against diabetes & obesity

How Tai Chi Might Be Your Secret Weapon Against Depression, Obesity and Diabetes

Moderate Exercise.  At least thirty minutes a day.  Think sweat, effort and heavy breathing. That’s what it takes to make a difference, right? I thought so. It turns out, I might have been wrong. At a recent conference at the Gold Coast, I nearly fell off my chair when Dr Liu Xin presented the results […]

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Nurturing yourself

Be Kind to You

Recently I was inspired by a post by Renee Heigel of Love Yourself Naked who discusses the importance of self love and care. I often see female clients in a caregiving role who have put themselves last to the point that they have developed diabetes and high blood pressure and yet still struggle to make […]

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Staying motivated is important to maintain regular exercise

Staying motivated

We’ve all got motivated, started to make some healthy changes and then sometime down the track, often in less than 6 months, we have slipped back to our old ways.  What happened? In this post, I talk about staying motivated.  We build on the skills and strategies you have learned and used in getting motivated. […]

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