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You deserve to create the impact you want to make in the world without feeling exhausted and like you’re drowning in overwhelm.

As someone who sets high standards for herself, you’re not afraid to work hard, but sometimes you wonder if it should be THIS hard!

I can remember night after night falling asleep at my desk as I tried to ‘do just one more thing’ despite knowing deep down that I was sabotaging my progress and neglecting both my health and time with my loved ones.

There never seemed to be enough time although I’d regularly escape the overwhelm by scrolling through my Facebook feed or comparing myself to other online entrepreneurs (which only made me feel worse!).

I steadfastly ignored the advice to have just three items on my to-do list – trying to decide which of the twenty-five items to remove felt an impossibility!

I was sabotaging my progress and limiting beliefs around hard work and success were keeping me stuck in a vicious cycle of procrastination and overwhelm. I’d often end each day feeling like a failure for what I hadn’t accomplished that day, instead of feeling like the high achiever I knew I was deep down.

If you can relate, imagine feeling focussed and productive instead. Kicking goals in your business and easily taking the actions that are going to move your business forward.

Here’s the thing.

You don’t need to work harder.

And you don’t need to keep beating yourself up.

You’ve tried that. It doesn’t work.


Claire Kerslake

What you DO need is someone like me to help you dissolve the blocks and limiting beliefs that are stopping you from nailing your goals easily and effortlessly.

My 45 minute one on one sessions are via Zoom, so there’s no need to leave the comfort of your own home.

1) Simply click the button below to get started.  Have some questions?  No problems – simply contact me by clicking here and we can touch base either by email or we can schedule a Zoom call to chat about what would suit your particular situation.

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If you don’t see a time in the online scheduling calendar that suits, just let me know as I can often be flexible and arrange a time that isn’t listed.

All coaching sessions are 45 minutes via Zoom.

Your Coaching Session ~ $145 AU

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EFT coaching with Claire

Packages are also available so click here to touch base and we can organise a chat to see how I can best support you.