How To Create Awesome Health When You’re Crazy Busy – Part 2

How to get healthy when you're crazy busy part 2

Today I’d like to bring you the 2nd part in the series – how to create awesome health when you’re crazy busy. We’ll be digging right into some practical things you can implement in your life right now:  

1.  Plan your day the night before.  

This can be really helpful.  It means that in the morning you’re hitting the ground running, you know what your priorities are for the day and where you’re going to fit them in.  This can be a real game changer.

2.  Think outside the square.  

It is just thinking about things a little bit differently and how you can fit those healthy activities in. An example from my life is that at one stage I was working a job that was very long hours, very stressful, I’d often leave home in the dark and get home in the dark.

When was I going to exercise and create those healthy meals?

What I would do is get home and put the veggies on to cook.  We were lucky enough we’ve got a treadmill and exercise bike. So I’d hit the treadie for ten minutes, then come back, check the tea, pop some more veggies on and then go back and do another ten minutes.  It really made a difference.

I was able to do two things – prepare a healthy meal and also exercise.

Other things that you can do are things such as stretching during the ad breaks on the TV, doing calf raises or squats while you are waiting for the kettle to boil.

Can you go for a ten minute walk at lunch time instead of chatting in the tea room?

Can you meet friends for a walk instead of a coffee?  That way you are exercising but still able to catch up – and you’re being a good example to your friends as well.

How about getting active with the kids and spending that really special time together but once again being that great role model.

Research shows it makes such a difference.

3. Check out Fast Exercise.

I’ve previously done a review of the book ‘Fast Exercise’ by Dr Michael Mosley.

Fast exercise is the concept of very high intensity exercise – going as hard as you can, often on an exercise bike (but it doesn’t have to be) for very short bursts.

A session may be 3 bursts of twenty seconds. My exercise session would take longer than that – around six or seven minutes by the time I warm up, recover and cool down, but six or seven minutes certainly beats the forty five minutes that I used to do.

And now there is no excuse for not putting exercise into my day! It has really made a difference to me so I encourage you to check Fast Exercise by Dr Michael Mosley out.

4.  Have a selection of quick, easy and healthy recipes on hand.  

If you can have them already done and in the freezer that is even better, but just when the days are long and there’s not enough time, you are still able to create those healthy meals.

I talk a lot about switching to a smaller plate.  We know that over time our plate size has gone from about ten inches to twelve inches with a corresponding increase in calories for each meal so cutting back to that smaller plate can make a big difference.

Often it can mean there are leftovers which can go in the freezer and is a quick and easy meal.  So a huge saving in time but also cost.

5.  Can you outsource anything?  

Is there anything on that very long to do list that you’ve got that you can give to someone else.  It might be cooking, cleaning or other activities – perhaps activities to do with your business, if you’re running a business.

Outsourcing is a great idea for gifts too.  In my life as I get older I less want more stuff that I might not love around the home but to have an activity that I don’t particularly like outsourced as a gift is absolutely fantastic.

6.  Build in time in your schedule for self nurturing.  

It is just so important and often as women we’re not good at that.  We give to other people but not to ourselves.  From a health point of view, this is bad news. Even if it is five or ten minutes (but of course can be longer) of an activity that nurtures you is vitally important.

Missed the first video in this series?  Click here to take a look.

Hope these tips have been useful.  If you’re finding you’re struggling in this area (or anything else) and would like some one-on-one help, check out my coaching page for info on how to book a coaching session with me. I’d love to work with you!


2 Responses to How To Create Awesome Health When You’re Crazy Busy – Part 2

  1. Dinah Lightfoot November 30, 2014 at 5:54 pm #

    Good Evening Claire
    I have again lost sight of the importance of looking after myself again.
    I do it over and over again.
    Trying to get to the end of the year and running on low.Energy depleted.
    Choice not chance as you say.
    Love from Dinah

    • Claire November 30, 2014 at 9:08 pm #

      Dinah, it is very easy to slip back but the beauty is that you’ve recognised it. Nobody does this perfectly. What is one tiny step you can do tomorrow to take care of you?

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