Feeding Your Hustle with Adria DeCorte

Adria DeCorte Claire Kerslake

It is with great pleasure that I’m sharing the interview I did with healthy living strategist, the gorgeous Adria DeCorte.

TEDx speaker and host of the successful Feed Your Hustle Podcast, Adria tackles topics such as how food fuels hustle, moving your body, managing time and recharging.

As you’ll find out when you listen in, Adria is such a joy to chat with and our time together simply flew.

In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • How as a ‘Type A driven woman’, Adria has changed how she approaches healthy eating and exercise
  • How food can be viewed as nourishment and exercise as movement
  • How taking the time to have healthy habits and take care of ourselves leads to MORE productivity
  • The importance of tuning into your body and noticing how you feel after eating and exercise
  • The magic of creating possibilities in your fridge
  • How Adria thinks of food as fuel for the work you want to do in the world

I know you’re going to love listening to Adria as much as I enjoyed speaking with her. Press play below to listen in.



To learn more about Adria, check out her website

Listen to the fabulous Feed Your Hustle podcast here

What’s one thing you’ve heard Adria talk that resonated with you? Let me know in the comments!

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