Feeling Stuck? 3 Quick Questions That Will Move You Forward Fast

ToothbrushesIt’s the question I always dreaded.

‘Have you been flossing?’

It’s the reason I hadn’t made that rather overdue dental appointment.

I couldn’t make it until I’d started flossing again.  As in my usual two weeks before the dental appointment attempt to start a regular flossing habit.

I couldn’t start flossing until I’d checked out the natural, chemical free dental floss.

Researching the natural, chemical free dental floss had yet to make my to do list.

This non-action continued until it occurred to me one day that for someone who valued having beautiful, healthy teeth, I sure wasn’t acting according to my values.

With that realization, I scheduled ten minutes to research and order said floss.  A week later it arrived and two weeks later I was at the dentist having my checkup.

So what does this have to do with anything?

It turns out, quite a lot.

You see I was going to share this shameful tale of my dental neglect with you as a beautiful illustration of how it seems to be human nature to stay away from our support term when we need them the most (in this case dentist, but it could be personal trainer, health coach, physio – you get the drift).

When we’ve wandered off track we don’t want to admit that things aren’t going well.  So we stay away when this is the time to have them on speed dial.

I tell clients all the time to ring me when things aren’t going well.  It was time to take my own advice.

Then it occurred to me that it’s also a great illustration of how it doesn’t hurt every now and again to check whether our actions are mirroring our values.

This was a real wake up call for me.  My actions clearly weren’t.

Do you want to be a great role model for your kids?  Or be fit and healthy so that you can really LIVE this beautiful life instead of watching on the sidelines.

Can you tell that by looking at your actions?

And don’t worry, it’s not about doing everything perfectly.  Life is wonderfully, gloriously messy and imperfect.  But you know in your heart of hearts whether you’re doing what you need to do.

It also occurred to me that one ten minute action to research and order the dental floss was all it took for me to start a regular flossing habit again and organize my dental appointment.

One tiny action.  One great result.

Sometimes our goals can seem SO big and we think it is going to take so much time and energy that it just seems too hard.  We wonder how the hell we’re going to manage it on top of everything else.

We’re defeated before we start.

But if we’d just take that one tiny step, we’d find it wasn’t too hard after all.  All we’ve got to do is get that ball rolling with tiny steps, one after the other.

Now it’s your turn.

Where are you not accessing the help you need because you’ve wandered off track?

Are your actions aligned with your values?

What is one tiny step you can take today to move towards your goals.


If you need someone on your team to get you started when you know what you need to do but just aren’t doing it and to give that extra support and accountability, I can help. Simply head on over to my coaching page and book a session!

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