Get Healthy! 3 More Apps That Make It Easy & Fun

This post is a follow-up to a previous post highlighting some Apps that make getting healthy easy and fun. Unfortunately being an iPhone user, I totally neglected the Android and Blackberry lovers and all three of the Apps mentioned were for the iPhone only.

However, I’ve been having lots of fun trying out various Apps that suit all of these devices and am highlighting three today that I know you’re going to love!


EndomodoEndomodo is a sports tracker App available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry. Designed for any sport that incorporates movement across a distance (yes, even walking), the App is really comprehensive and enables you to track your workout and monitor your performance over time.

Even the free version has a range of options such as showing a dynamic map with your position during a workout, seeing the calories burned during and after a workout and being able to access a history of previous workouts.

Accountability features of the App include the ability to post workouts to Facebook and hook up with friends. The GPS feature of this App might be a bit of a drain on the battery but I’ve yet to test this out properly.

The Pro version at $5.49 offers further features such as a pedometer, a low power mode and the ability to access interval programs.


Happy Ritual

Happy Ritual Fitness AppThis is a habit tracking App available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices. I love the tag line on the App – Improve your life, one day at a time.

There are videos that show a quick tour of the App and how to get started which is really handy, particularly if you’re like me and not particularly tech savvy!

It is possible to receive email reports on how you are tracking with your habits (although only for 30 days with the free version).

The free version allows tracking of up to four habits. I particularly love that you have a number of icons to choose from to record your habit.

You can choose to specify whether you’ll perform your habit on set days, a number of times per week or just use the App to record each time you perform your new habit.

Once I’d recorded that I’d completed my habit for the day, I love that the App celebrated my achievement with a ‘Yeah!’ If this is a little too ‘out there’, for you, this feature can be disabled by turning the sound off.

Once again, I’ve tested the App on my iPhone but not on any other devices.


My Fitness Pal

My fitness Pal Fitness AppKeeping a food diary is a really useful practice to assist with weight loss and healthy eating habits and My Fitness Pal does this and so much more! It is available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry although one of the reviews I read said that it didn’t work on the Z10 or Q10. A new version of the Android App is due out soon.

The App is the mobile version of the website and as such doesn’t have the full functionality of the website but despite this is still fairly comprehensive.

I just LOVE that I can simply scan a barcode to add a food to the food diary. From there it is easy to adjust the quanitity. You can even create a recipe and calculate it’s nutritional content .

If you struggle to drink enough water like I do, there is a section to add the number of cups of water you’ve had for the day.

On the exercise side, there is a HUGE range of exercises to choose from or you can add your own. Once you add in the minutes performed, the App will calculate the calories burned.

You can track your progress by documenting your measurements and there are tutorial videos to help you get started.

Have you used any of the Apps I’ve mentioned or do you have one that you’d love to tell us about? Let me know in the comments below!





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