How To Nail Your Health Goals

It’s that time of year when the subject of New Year’s resolutions comes up. There is much toing and froing about whether they work or not which I think misses the point.

There’s no doubt that the statistics around how many people achieve their New Year’s resolutions are not great, with figures as low as 8% coming up in a simple google search. After just a couple of weeks most people have given up because it’s all become too hard.

But the fault doesn’t lie with the New Year’s resolutions (I use the term goals and New Year’s resolutions interchangeably). We’re just not taught how to set and follow through with creating that healthy behaviour change.

This is something that should be taught to us the way we’re taught to crawl or walk or talk. It should be second nature.

There’s a science to setting and achieving health goals with a number of strategies that need to be implemented to help us nail them.

But great strategies are only half of the picture. Mindset support is the other half and is absolutely vital. And as you’re probably aware, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping) is my very favourite mindset tool.

Let’s take a look at some of the strategies we need to nail those health goals and where tapping comes in

Start small

When we’re making those changes towards better health, whether it’s with our diet or exercise, it’s important to make them really tiny. In the past in my own life I’ve ignored this advice, only to find myself back at square one in no time.

In practical, real life terms this could be adding in a serve of veggies, or walking for 5 minutes. Once I would have thought actions this small would be totally useless but I was dead wrong.

We’re making changes for the long term and it’s far more important to get the new habit established. You’ll naturally build on your new habit and the change will become a part of your life.

An example for me is my daily yoga practice which started at six minutes (that’s how long the music track was for) and is now a gorgeous twelve minutes every morning and it’s such a beautiful start to my day now.


I’ve talked about the importance of using triggers when we’re creating healthy habits in this article but essentially it’s something you already do that you can do your new habit AFTER. You’re anchoring your new habit to an existing habit.

One example is my meditation practice which I’m doing in the morning as soon as I get up. So getting up is the trigger.

Another example of a trigger is arriving home from work.

Remove temptation and having healthy food available

We’ve heard before about cleaning out your cupboards and getting rid of all the unhealthy food (which is usually in plentiful supply after Christmas and New Year!). This makes so much sense but often we find ourselves eating it instead.

Tapping can be super useful to overcome any resistance to getting rid of all of those high fat, high sugary, high calorie Christmas goodies and to tackle any limiting beliefs that come up around that. There might be feelings of deprivation or that it’s your last chance to indulge, for instance, that are great to clear or they can end up sabotaging your progress.

We also often tend to crave high fat, high sugary foods and tapping dissolves cravings so beautifully.

Do your new habit daily

As a health professional I used to give advice such as walk three times a week. Once again, this was poor advice. It is far better to do our new habits daily and make them part of our routine and just something that we do.

Dissolve limiting beliefs

I’ve mentioned limiting beliefs around throwing food out but there are often other limiting beliefs that will come up to stop you in your tracks. They might be as simple as ‘It’s hard to lose weight’ or ‘My family have always been big’ or ‘I can’t leave food on my plate’ or ‘I hate to exercise’.

I’m sure you can think of a few more and tapping is beautiful to dissolve these before they can sabotage your progress.

What would future you do? What would healthy me do?

I absolutely LOVE these questions.

What actions would she take? How would she think? What choices would she make?

Asking these questions can be a real reframe for us and helps to guide our actions. And tapping can be super helpful to dissolve any resistance or negative thoughts that are bound to come up.

Nailing those health goals requires a combination of the right strategies and mindset tools such as tapping.

If you’d like some extra support in this area, head on over to my coaching page to book a session or email me at claire@clairekerslake (dot) com and we can touch base for a quick 15 minute chat to see how I can help you.

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  1. Dianne January 6, 2020 at 2:29 pm #

    Beautiful Claire! I really love the idea of anchoring the new habit to an existing one – genius!

    • Claire June 8, 2020 at 11:30 am #

      Thank you Dianne 🙂

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