How to Supercharge Your Goal-Setting with EFT

Today I want to take you through a really lovely goal setting process using EFT (tapping) to really supercharge your goals and dissolve any resistance to achieving them.

So how do we do this?

I’ll explain in the video below or if you’d prefer to read rather than watch, keep scrolling down.

Firstly write out your goal in the usual way.

The next step is to think about how likely you think you’ll be able to achieve your goal. Write down a number out of ten where one is it’s very unlikely you’ll achieve it and ten there’s no doubt that it’s going to happen.

If the number you’ve written down is less than a 10, a question I want you to ask yourself is ‘Why isn’t the number a ten?’ As in, why aren’t you convinced you’ll achieve the goal.

What this question will do is just tease out any resistance and limiting beliefs that you have around achieving the goal. And then we dissolve those with EFT. Go ahead and write all those reasons down now.

Next we’re going to dissolve those reasons why you won’t achieve your goal with EFT. You may be able to group your reasons into similar themes. As always when tapping, I advise that you write the intensity of the reason down out of ten where ten is the most intense you can imagine and one or below is it feels insignificant and not really a problem.

Then we’re going to use EFT on each reason or group of reasons until the intensity on each of the reasons is one or below, so they aren’t really an issue anymore.

Now circle back to your goal again and feel into it again as to how likely it feels that you’re going to achieve it out of ten. Your number out of ten should have increased, so you feel much more confident you’ll achieve your goal.

This is a really lovely exercise to for you to do on goals from any area of your life. It works quite beautifully to dissolve any resistance or limiting beliefs that may prevent you from achieving your goals – some of which you may be unaware that you even had!

You can even make this a daily practice to really make sure you nail those health goals.

I’ve developed a beautiful downloadable tapping diary for you to print out if you’d like a reminder of the tapping points and process and somewhere specific to document your tapping sessions. These can be a lovely record of your progress in dissolving those limiting beliefs and patterns that are stopping you from achieving your goals.

Click here to download your tapping diary.

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