Is Your Life Like Champagne Or Flat Lemonade?


I LOVE a glass of champagne. It’s more of an experience for me, really.  An occasion.

It occurred to me that our lives could be a bit more like champagne. Here’s why:

Champagne is a celebration

Are you celebrating you? You’re a wonderful, gorgeous being.  Perhaps you need to treat yourself like that instead of someone who has to be regularly beaten into shape.

What can you celebrate or give yourself a pat on the back about today? Drop and give me five!  Five things that are awesome about you, that is!

Too often we struggle to think about the good bits but have no problems coming up with all the things we need to improve or change.

Turn this around and make it a habit to focus on the good things instead.

Champagne is a treat

While I could easily drink champagne every day, I suspect it might lose some of its allure.

Not to mention giving my liver a workout!

Champagne is Something Special.

Where are you treating yourself? In the busyness of every day life, sometimes we need to be reminded to put ourselves first.

To find ways to love and nurture ourselves.

We can’t fill other people’s glasses from an empty bottle, so remember to replenish regularly!

Click here to grab your gorgeous manifesto for inspiration and beautiful quotes to remind you to take care of you!

It can be as simple as borrowing a copy of your favourite magazine from the library, booking a regular massage or maybe indulging in a regular meditation practice.  It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money but it DOES have to be a priority.

If your well is running dry, how can you nurture yourself, starting today?

Champagne is magical

When I’m having a glass of champagne, it’s quite magical. Joyous, even.

So let’s talk joy for a moment.

Joy is the champagne of life. Without it, our days are flat and uninteresting.

Dull, even. Like flat lemonade. Yep, I’ve been there.

Between you and me, it’s still a work in progress as I practice stepping away from the laptop and experimenting with activities that light me up.

At the moment, I’m having fun and a bit of a play with mosaics.

If life has become a little too serious for you, (like it had for me) what might give you joy?  What makes you laugh out loud just because.

Maybe you’re like me and need to experiment a bit or maybe you instantly know what it is.

Make sure you schedule it in regularly. Don’t wait until you have time or it’ll never happen!

Sometimes you’ve gotta work for it

Picture this.

Your best champagne glasses are at the ready.

Your mouth is almost watering as you take your perfectly chilled favourite bottle of champagne from the fridge.

Sometimes it’s that easy. The cork pops with that satisfying sound champagne lovers around the world know intimately.

Sometimes, though, the battle begins. The cork resists all attempts to dislodge it despite repeated and increasingly frantic attempts.

It can be a bit like that when we’re creating healthy habits in our lives.

We’d love it to be as easy as the first scenario but sometimes it Just. Feels. Hard.

We need to be persistent. And keep taking those small steps that are going to make a big difference.

Your reward is waiting.

I’d love to hear from you now. What are your favourite ways to nurture yourself and have fun? If you need some inspiration, click here to grab your gorgeous manifesto!

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