Online Mindfulness Meditation Week Six

This week we touch once again on the distinction between Awareness and Thinking once again and the qualities of Awareness. Then we delve into a series of simple yet effective exercises which can give you the 'how to' of letting go and the 'how to' of being with the stillness, through observing thoughts.

And although this is the final week of this first round of the Meditation Program, in the new year when the program is released again, there'll be an additional two weeks for you to experience and enjoy.

The Facebook group will also stay open for you to share your meditation journey and any AHAs or questions you may have. 

video #1

video #2

video #3

video #4

This week we have the beautiful Mindfulness of Thoughts Meditation to play or download on Soundcloud below or Dropbox link here

Practice the meditation through the week and head on over to the Facebook group to ask questions and for support. Looking forward to touching base with you there.


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