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Lose weight. Cultivate health. Create wellness

I have developed Renew to help people create health so that they can live a life that they love.

 Who am I?

I’m Claire Kerslake, a health coach, registered nurse, credentialled diabetes educator and founder of Loving Life With Diabetes.  I’ve seen all too often the impact of rising obesity levels, poor diet and lack of exercise on the day-to-day lives of others.

I believe that good health matters – whether because it gives a young mum the energy to play with her kids, enables a busy executive to prevent diabetes or cancer or helps a dad avoid a heart attack or stroke.

About  Renew

Renew is a 6-week online program designed to be really comprehensive in putting all the pieces of the ‘how to get healthy’ puzzle together.

Over 6 weeks, participants gain access to 6 modules each containing a value-packed workbook pdf, a video overview of the module and audio recording.  There will also be extra bonus audio interviews & checklists.

Module 1:  The Magic of Mindset

This module is all about getting our heads right which is super important when it comes to any sort of change in our lives.

Module 2:  Unlocking the Mystery of Creating New Habits

This module covers the nitty gritty of how we create new healthy habits in our lives.

Module 3:  How to Master Cravings and Lose Weight Easily

This module covers a whole range of information and techniques that can really make a difference when it comes to our weight and healthy eating habits.

Module 4:  The Busy Person’s Guide to Creating Time

This module covers how to design our lives around our highest priorities and creative ways to get healthy when we’re strapped for time.

Module 5:  The Down & dirty Guide to Moving Your Body

This module is all about moving our bodies, whether exercise is something you currently enjoy or you”re a couch potato like I used to be!

Module 6: How to Stress Less, Love Yourself More and Why It Matters

This modules tackles how to manage stress and incorporate self-love and self-compassion into our lives and why we should!

 Renew Launch Schedule


Free 3 part video training series

An opt-in series of 3 videos spaced out over a week.  The videos cover Why Willpower Sucks and What to Do About It, Healthy Eating and Cooking – Simple Tweaks That Make a Big Difference and The Magic of Mindful Eating.

The videos will be released between Tuesday 11th June and Tuesday 18th June.   

There will be webinars on  Friday 21st June at 3 pm EST and 9pm EST when enrolment opens and there is an early bird price until Tuesday 24th June.  

The final registration opportunity is Thursday 27th June at midnight EST and the program commences Friday 28th June.

I’m so excited that you’re partnering with me to get the word out about Renew!


Affiliate compensation


You’ll receive a 50% commission on each referral.  I’ll provide some social media promotional updates for you to use but feel free to make up your own!  Your affiliate commissions will be paid out after the end of the program in August  to ensure that any refunds are dealt with. No commissions will be paid on cancelled or refunded orders.

Payments are made via PayPal.  You must have a registered PayPal email address associated with your affiliate account in order to receive commission payments. Unfortunately no commission is paid out on your own purchases.


 Ready to get started?


Click here to join my Affiliate Program  It is managed by E-Junkie.  Once you click that link you will be taken to the Renew Affiliate Program E-Junkie home page.  From here you have two options:

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  • Once the video series is live, people who have opted in will receive an email with a link to the videos.


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Sick and tired of being sick and tired? It’s not like you haven’t tried to make healthy changes in the past.  It just feels so hard sometimes.  Turn it around with the new 6 week online program Renew. Discover why willpower sucks and what to do about it and some simple tweaks that make a big difference with healthy eating in the free video series here <insert affiliate hop link here>

There’s never been a better time than now for you to lose weight, cultivate health and create wellness in your life. Renew is a 6 week online program designed by credentialled diabetes educator and registered nurse Claire Kerslake to help you do just that. Unlock the mystery of creating new, healthy habits, learn how to master cravings and transform your health and your life.  Access the free video series here <insert affiliate hop link here>


Email copy for video series

Subject line:  Get healthy without worrying about willpower

We have the best of intentions when it comes to being healthy.  Life just gets in the way sometimes. It can all seem too hard.

My friend, Claire Kerslake, health coach, registered nurse and credentialled diabetes educator is about to release an exciting new online program, Renew, to help you release weight, cultivate health and create wellness in your life.

To celebrate the launch of Renew, Claire is releasing a 3 part video series designed to give you some really practical useful strategies to turn your health around once and for all.

We get bombarded with so many health messages that it is easy to get overwhelmed.  We try to make some changes with our health but we’ve never been taught the skills to make those habits stick. Instead we rely on willpower which is rarely successful.

Claire really knows what she’s talking about, having helped many clients improve their health and in doing so transform their lives.

The video series will cover why willpower sucks and what to do about it, simple tweaks with our cooking and eating habits that can make a big difference and the magic of mindful eating.

Join Claire  and her FREE video series by signing up here now <insert affiliate link>


Email copy for webinar

Subject line:  Want to know how to make healthy choices at the supermarket?

We are more aware than ever before about how important a healthy diet is to our health and the health of our family.

Yet when it comes to making healthy choices at the supermarket, we are bombarded with mixed messages.

This can be overwhelming and it all becomes too hard.  We have the best of intentions but just don’t know what to believe.

It is almost as if the manufacturers deliberately try to deceive us.

On Friday 21st June, Claire Kerslake, credentialled diabetes educator and registered nurse, will be hosting a free webinar to cut through the mixed messages and take the mystery out of healthy shopping at the supermarket.

Don’t miss out – sign up here <insert special webinar affiliate link here>