Why These Popular Motivational Quotes Suck (and What to Use Instead)

I LOVE a motivational quote.

Every now and again, though, I come across one that doesn’t sit well with me.

In this post I share a couple I’ve given the thumbs down to and some real winners.

Don’t look back.  You’re not going that way.

Yes.  And no.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m all for focussing on goals and having a big vision for the future.

And for taking that all important action in making those goals our new reality.


We can learn SO much from our past.  What worked, for instance.  Let’s do more of that.

Then there’s the times things haven’t worked.  These moments are pure gold.

While we might prefer to simply forget them, if we look closer, we can discover what went wrong and why.

And from there put into place strategies to prevent our plans being derailed again in the future.

So definitely look back, beautiful.

Look back.  Learn.  And then move towards that fabulous future you’re creating!

Work hard.  Nothing comes easy.


It’s not the working hard bit I hate about this quote.  I’m all for working towards what I want.  In ANY area of life.

But I AM calling BS on the ‘nothing comes easy’ part.

There’s a limiting belief if ever I heard one.

And I’m all for blasting through those limiting beliefs.

How about this instead?

It’s allowed to be easy.

Sooo much better!

Now for some quotes I adore.

Act like the person you want to become

Years ago I was sitting next to a friend at a conference.  At the time I was struggling to shift a few extra pounds unlike my friend who was trim, taut and terrific.

I can remember glancing at the fresh salad my friend had chosen as I tucked into the fatty fast food I’d quickly grabbed from the food court.  It occurred to me that one of us had chosen food with beautiful nutrients to nourish our body and sadly it wasn’t me!

This isn’t about being a food nazi.  I believe that treats now and again are like bubbles in the champagne of life.

Mind you, my choice didn’t really qualify as a treat.  I’m not sure I’d even have called it food!

There was a reason my friend looked great and felt even better.

She valued her health and acted accordingly.

Are you acting like the person you’d like to become?

If not, what’s one small change you can make today to move you closer?

If you worked out when you were first thinking about it, you'd be done by now


It’s amazing how time flies when I’m busy coming up with excuses as to why I can’t exercise.

I’m too tired.  I think I might be coming down with something.  I’ve already exercised this week.  A rest day will do me good.  I’ll do it tonight.  I think I heard rain.  I have a headache.  There’s no time.

Can you relate or is it just me?

Not only is this internal dialogue painful and time-consuming, it comes packaged with a hefty slice of guilt.

Because underneath it all, I know that in the time I’ve been myself, I could easily have worked out.

Instead of arguing, I need to:

Just Do It

Nike hit the nail on the head with this one.

No excuses.  No B. S.  Just action.

If you’d like some assistance with that action taking, I can help. Check out my coaching packages here.

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