Quotes to Inspire Action, Change & Growth

Okay, I admit it.  I’m a sucker for an inspirational quote.

Here are 5 of my favourites:

Zig Ziglar quote


It all starts with motivation.  If your motivation isn’t high, then all the strategies in the world won’t help you.  And as Zig so wisely puts it, you need to touch base with it every day.  It could be a vision board, a visualisation or a photo on the fridge.  Whatever works for you, just do it!


Stephen Covey


I know how tempting it is to let the days slip by without exercising because you’re too busy.  The secret is to put the high priority items such as exercise, shopping for healthy food and valuable me time in the diary first.


Failure is the key to success


One of the secrets to successfully creating new, healthy habits in your life is to look at failure differently.  It is just information about which strategies worked well and which ones need tweaking or dropping altogether.  Instead of blaming yourself when for instance you realise that you haven’t exercised all week, look at the reasons behind the failure to follow through on your goal.  You can then devise new strategies or tweak your old ones.  Trial and error rocks!

Thomas Edison quote


I LOVE this quote! It is all about limiting beliefs that so often we don’t even know we possess.  And taking baby steps to expand your view of what you are capable of.  Journaling can be a great tool for discovering what your limiting beliefs are which is the first step to overcoming them.


George Eliot


It’s not too late.  Start now.  Today.  You have totally got this!

Which of these quotes resonated with you the most?  Do you have a favourite quote that inspires you?  I’d love for you to let me know in the comments!

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