The Power of Celebration

Celebration to anchor in healthy habits


Do you ever wonder what the keys are to effortlessly taking the daily actions you need to take to be fit and healthy?

In today’s video I talk about something that isn’t discussed often which is the power and magic of celebration to really anchor those healthy habits in.

Most of us not only don’t celebrate those all important small wins, we succumb to the viciousness of our inner critic who it seems is always waiting to tear us down.

In the video below I give you an example from my own life of my inner critic at work undermining an achievement and look at why celebrating those small steps forward is so important.

We often think that we have to achieve something big to celebrate.

In fact, it’s just the opposite.

Not only is celebrating those small wins a kind thing to do (and we know that self compassion INCREASES our motivation), it helps to anchor in those all important small action steps towards our health goals.

Whether it’s going for a 5 minute walk, adding in a serve of veggies or using EFT to combat a craving, give yourself a high five and celebrate!

You’ve got this!

And if you’re after a little inspiration, take a peek at my beautiful manifesto – yours to download for inspiration and motivation. Click here to grab it from the freebies page.

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