The Second Best Time Is Now

The best time to plant a tree

It can be all too easy to beat ourselves up for the goals we haven’t achieved.

Maybe the exercise program that is noticeable by it’s absence.

Or the unhealthy snack choices that seem to be a regular occurrence and the green smoothies that aren’t.

From there it’s a quick hop, skip and jump to regret and what might have been if only we’d made a start sooner.

Cue Hilda The Horrible (or whatever you call YOUR inner critic) who delights in telling us exactly why we haven’t done what we’d said we would and who did we think we were anyway!

Suddenly our favourite comfort food becomes irresistible and we promise ourselves we’ll start ‘tomorrow’.

Maybe the best time to act IS long gone.

There’s still today.  The second best time.

Don’t waste another second in regret.

Make a start with those baby steps I’m always talking about.

Here are some suggestions to get you started.

1  Find your why.

I’ve put this first because it all starts with your why.  When that initial motivation has worn off and it doesn’t seem quite as much fun anymore, your why gives you the fire in the belly to keep going.

You might need to do some journalling to figure it out.  It probably goes a bit deeper than you think.

A wonderful exercise to uncover your motivation is to keep asking yourself the question.  Why do you want it?  Often the first few answers can be superficial or the answers we think we’re supposed to give.  Dig a little bit deeper for the gold.

You’ll usually know in your heart when you discover it.

2  It’s OK to be uncomfortable.

Or scared. Or both.

Expect it.

Get excited about being on the other side of your comfort zone!  It really is where the magic happens.

You’re going to be OK.

3  Make a plan.

It is not The Plan To End All Plans. It is a beautiful work in progress that you’ll tweak as you go along.

Something didn’t work with your plan?  Fantastic – you’ve just gathered some data.  Now go back and tweak your plan.

Rinse and repeat.

4  Start with 1 or 2 small changes.

Yes, I know you feel you need to do more to make up for lost time.

And maybe you’re thinking that this advice is for everyone else but ‘you’re different somehow’.


I know, I’m sounding like Yoda, aren’t I!

Maybe it’s because no-one on this earth has stuffed this up more thoroughly and with more monotonous regularity than me.

Learn from my (many) mistakes and save yourself some time and angst.

Start small.

Before long you’ll be looking back and celebrating how far you’ve come!

5 Work out what you did right in the past.

Memories are short.  We forget about all the things that worked for us previously.  Cast your mind back and think about what you did that worked.

Revisit your plan.  Tweak and improve it based on your past successes.

6  Let’s visit the dark side.

Think about where it went off the rails in the past.

No, it wasn’t because you were too lazy or have no willpower.  Go deeper than that.

What came up to stop you?

Maybe you got sick.  Or your accountability buddy left town.  Or your favourite gym closed.

Be prepared to put some time into this as the steps you put into your plan to overcome these obstacles can mean the difference between celebrating your progress down the track  or a year from now wondering where it all went wrong.

And if this is something you’d like some support with, head on over to my coaching page to book a session with me.



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