The ‘Weight Escape’ Book Review

The Weight Escape Book ReviewHaving previously had the privilege of attending a Weight Escape workshop, I was eagerly awaiting the release of The Weight Escape book and in January, finally the wait was over.  Co-authored by Dr Russ Harris, Professor Joseph Ciarrochi and Senior Clinical Psychologist Ann Bailey, the book is a must have addition to any bookshelf.

Before your eyes glaze over, thinking ‘yet another diet book’, The Weight Escape is anything but.  The introduction probably says it the best – ‘Ultimately, the book is designed to help you move towards a life that is meaningful and vital’.

Based on Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (or ACT), The Weight Escape is value-packed, covering topics such as how to effectively handle cravings, urges, hunger and difficult thoughts and feelings without trying to escape or avoid them, how to overcome the common psychological barriers to healthy eating and how we can feel discomfort and yet still do what is important to us.

I just loved the personal real life examples from each of the authors.  They are honest and relatable and really brought the book to life.

I love that Russ says at one point “You’d think by now I’d have learnt this lesson, but I, like you, am a fallible human being and at times I forget everything we discuss in this book”.

For many of us, some of the concepts and skills such as mindfulness and being willing to make room for distress as we act according to our values are new, so the practical exercises for the reader to experiment using the techniques are invaluable, as are the chapter summaries.

I’m looking forward to diving into the seven week Bootcamp provided at the end of the book to practice and develop the skills covered in the book.

My video review of The Weight Escape

This is a book that will change your life, if you let it.  Do yourself a favour and grab your copy now!

Currently the paperback version of the book may not be available in all countries, but you may be able to purchase from Fishpond and have it shipped if you’re outside Australia. (Not affiliate links – I just love this book!)

Click here to purchase from (Kindle)

Click here to purchase from (Kindle)

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