Claire Kerslake

4 Ways To Stop Procrastinating In Your Business

What sort of things do we procrastinate on in our businesses? There are many ways procrastination can pop up. It could be sending a newsletter, writing a blog or writing that launch email sequence ahead of time. Or perhaps it’s not getting the systems in your business set up for you to up-level and get […]

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On Staying Safe and Small

Recently I’ve come across women who toe the line. They’ve been downtrodden so much that they don’t speak up. They stay in their boxes, safe and unhappy. Sometimes desperately unhappy. It’s a reminder to me that outside the box is freedom. I can’t stay in that box. And sometimes when you push the edges, the […]

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4 Ways Mindfulness & a little Mindlessness can boost your health

4 Ways Mindfulness And A Little Mindlessness Can Boost Your Health

As a mindfulness meditation teacher and health coach, it’s been a joy to witness the transformation in the participants attending the mindfulness meditation programs I run locally. Becoming more mindful during the day in addition to a regular meditation practice is a beautiful antidote to the overwhelm and chronic stress that is an all too […]

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