4 Ways Mindfulness & a little Mindlessness can boost your health

4 Ways Mindfulness And A Little Mindlessness Can Boost Your Health

As a mindfulness meditation teacher and health coach, it’s been a joy to witness the transformation in the participants attending the mindfulness meditation programs I run locally. Becoming more mindful during the day in addition to a regular meditation practice is a beautiful antidote to the overwhelm and chronic stress that is an all too […]

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What You Can Learn From The Inner Struggles Of A Health Coach

What You Can Learn From The Secret Struggles Of A Health Coach

As a health coach and recovering perfectionist, it’s tempting to hide the inner struggles that sometimes show up. Those moments I’d like to sweep under the carpet and pretend never happen. We can sometimes view health professionals as flawless paragons of virtue who somehow manage it all with effortless ease. They glide through life as […]

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